This is chaos! Frozen snow is shuffling people off sidewalks and into this warm Starbucks on the “high street” of my quaint suburban town. The herds of bankers have hours ago slipped down tracks into New York City tunnels so I’m surprised so many laptop-tapping non-commuters still remain. I can barely find a quiet gap

Be a Business Artist

Friday, 03 March 2017 by

The Virgin America lounge at LAX, clinks of drinks, CNN humming in the background, and a distant rumble of planes landing and leaving gently marking the end of a stimulating two days facilitating 36 of ABC’s most senior television executives. Heads of news, comedy, daytime, digital, sales, and more, all filling one room with creative

I’m on hour 20 of 24 in my journey home from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While there, I completed the training of five “Certified Outthinker Growth Strategists” in AIG, the world’s largest insurance company. A hundred emails, a proposal, and two document reviews behind me, I finally get to consider what I learned on this most

Most cringe at the thought of “wasting” 20 hours on a plane. But to me this has been a gift – I get nearly a full day plugged into my laptop and tablet as I jet from New York to Qatar to Malaysia. After obliterating my inbox, I explored new ideas, wrote segments for my