Most companies struggle in designing strategies that help drive innovation, growth, and success. As the pace of competition accelerates, traditional strategic planning approaches struggle to keep up.

The Outthinker Process® is a unique strategic framework design for the digital, agile, purpose-driven world. This refined and proven strategic methodology reveals disruptive growth strategies, helps organizations achieve company-wide strategic clarity, accelerates growth rates 100-120%, and, most importantly, builds a culture and organizational habits of innovative thinking.

In this webinar, we introduced the IDEAS framework, the 8P strategic innovation model, and to three key strategies for strengthening their competitive advantage and five key strategies for generating new and innovative growth. Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff introduces the role that “strategic narratives” play in
the design of a strategy. You will leave with the same set of tools that has been used in over 300 companies to help them consistently identify and seize opportunities others overlook.

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