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If Google Ran a Restaurant, It Would Be This

If Google Ran a Restaurant, It Would Be This

If Google ran a restaurant, it would be the one I’m in right now, wedged between eateries in London’s SOHO. Every seat is at a chef’s table. You lean into the bustle of cooks, cutting, pouring, arguing, coaching, training. No wait staff. The chefs serve your food themselves.

Why Logic Won't Lead to Innovation

Why Logic Won’t Lead to Innovation

Exposed brick scrapes out just enough space in the cellar off Brussels’ central square to make room for 10 tables and a kitchen dispensing mussels, fries, and beer. I got in today from Dubai. Tomorrow, a workshop followed by a train ride through the Chunnel to London. 

Be a business artist by kaihan krippendorff

Be a Business Artist

The Virgin America lounge at LAX, clinks of drinks, CNN humming in the background, and a distant rumble of planes landing and leaving gently marking the end of a stimulating two days facilitating 36 of ABC’s most senior television executives. Heads of news, comedy, daytime, digital, sales, and more, all filling one room with creative …

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