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gary hamel

Beyond Strategy

Last week I got to spend five and a half hours with one of the most influential strategic thinkers alive today, Gary


How NPR Leapt Forward in Proximity

In March of 2008, the United States’ national public radio system (NPR) seemed to have a fatal and too common choice: to

Finding Your COVID Altitude

When an airplane hits turbulence, it seeks a new altitude. One without turbulence. Even better, one with tailwinds. Now, COVID has certainly


Four Steps to Outthink COVID

We are dealing with unprecedented change invoked by the COVID-19 pandemic. What we need more than ever is a sense of hope.


Play: The Source of Innovation

In the 1830s, an artist and tinkerer, Samuel Morse, directed his curiosity to a question few had considered before. Numerous scientists and

Seven Ways to Squelch Innovation

Seven Ways to Squelch Innovation

Sometimes they don’t know it themselves. When they do, they hide it. But they are out there. Executives, managers, and business owners