beauty alone cherished morning by Kaihan Krippendorff

The Beauty of Being Alone

If my family ever reads this blog, please know that I love you dearly and I carefully memorize each cherished moment I

Stop Doing What You Know to Do

Stop Doing What You Know to Do

This is chaos! Frozen snow is shuffling people off sidewalks and into this warm Starbucks on the “high street” of my quaint

Be a business artist by kaihan krippendorff
Entrepreneurs Organization

Be a Business Artist

The Virgin America lounge at LAX, clinks of drinks, CNN humming in the background, and a distant rumble of planes landing and

5 Reasons to Hire Intrapreneurs

5 Reasons to Hire Intrapreneurs

At a breakfast last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Iris Nafshi, Campbell Soup’s head of learning and development and

Innovating your life

Innovating Your Life

After delivering a keynote at United Technologies yesterday, I have a welcome moment of rest – 45 minutes in a coffee shop

The Science Behind Intention
getting unstuck

The Science Behind Intention

These magical days are slipping by so quickly. I’ve been in the heart of coffee country in Pereira, Colombia, for two weeks.


To Believe or Not To Believe

  My eyes are still blurred from three days on the road and a “red eye” too short to sleep through, and

Innovation Takes Effort

Innovation is Not Effortless

How Hard Should You Push? I’m on a flight home from Denver, my mind twirling over a contradiction. A conversation I had


Why We Must Re-Reward Ideas

Back from one of my most action-packed weeks ever – five days, five cities, four speaking gigs, then a weekend filled with


Give Them Your Sizzle

I’ve been working on my keynote speaking for about 15 years. I’m not a master (yet), but that’s not for lack of