This week, I was in Erie, PA, then Chicago, now I’m in Seattle to present two talks. Stepping out of the arrivals area at the Seattle–Tacoma Airport activated a vivid memory of stopping at the seating area there, eight years ago, to conduct a phone interview with Time Magazine. A few weeks later, my photo

In a dimly lit wine cellar, we turn to our meal. I am at a corporate dinner filled with executives from fascinating backgrounds. But there is one particular conversation, being led by a fascinating gentleman, that is entirely reframing for me what it means to be a leader.

This is like an unexpected flashback, like looking at a notch on your doorframe as a child and feeling shocked at how much you have grown. I just flew in to Detroit from Toronto, where I delivered our new workshop, Driving Innovation from Within, to a group of 80 executives. Tomorrow I will speak to

While flying to St. Louis from a Soccer game-filled Sunday at home in Greenwich, Conn., as my flight shook indicating that it was time to land, I got to an email from one of my students who is scared to take a big leap professionally, and reached out to me for advice. She has been

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