Are You In The Zone?

Thursday, 25 October 2018 by

Just delivered an Outthinker training for Viacom’s sales organization in New York, now jetting to LA to do the same there. It is at moments like this, when I am doing what I love, delivering work that impacts people and businesses and getting time to write on the plane, that I feel in the zone.

The last two weeks I’ve been roaming up the East Coast in an RV with my family, which has given me a chance to start digging into a book numerous people have recommended. Bill Gates and Barack Obama cite this book as one we should all read if we want to understand where humanity may

It feels I’m the only one left alive, cruising across the Ukraine in a Soviet-era train. My compartment is empty. The hallway is empty. Outside, dark forests are separated by a periodic streetlight shining dimly on empty streets.

This week, I was in Erie, PA, then Chicago, now I’m in Seattle to present two talks. Stepping out of the arrivals area at the Seattle–Tacoma Airport activated a vivid memory of stopping at the seating area there, eight years ago, to conduct a phone interview with Time Magazine. A few weeks later, my photo

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