Industry customized keynotes

Kaihan Krippendorff customizes keynotes that use his knowledge and understanding of the nuances, trends, and challenges facing your industry.  He is a top-choice keynote speaker for strategy and innovation keynotes resonate with audiences to drive mindset shifts and action. 

My strategy and innovation speaking and consulting career takes me around the world to work with clients across many different industries. As I’ve researched and prepared to meet with clients, I’ve had the opportunity to uncover cross-industry trends and particular areas that are ripe for disruption in specific industries and organizational functions.

The following pages have both downloadable and interactive versions of reports that feature key trends along with an 8Ps business model analysis for 16 of these industries and functions. Each report provides general context, top trends, an analysis of opportunities for disruption (position, product, promotion, price, placement, physical experience, processes, or people), and recommended leverage points. For a full explanation of the 8Ps framework, see Chapter 18 of my book, Outthink the Competition.

Download a pdf of all industry reports HERE