Keep up with Kaihan to be an Outthinker

Keep up with Kaihan to be an Outthinker

1. Sign up for my Substack newsletter

The 4th Option is my Substack newsletter where I do my best to synthesize my thinking and what I am learning at the cutting edge of strategy, innovation, and management.


Outthinkers who want to support my research, access to all of my tools and frameworks (plus advance access to beta versions of future tools), or to simply be a part of a larger community of Outthinkers can find further information on Substack as well. 

2. Join Kaihan’s 4th Option Network and community of Outthinkers 

The 4th Option Network is a global community of Outthinkers.  It’s for professionals who want to learn or master Kaihan’s tools, hear from and engage with global thought-leaders and executives, and/or stay at the cutting edge of business with exclusive Outthinker briefs from Kaihan informed by his latest research and learning through Outthinker Networks and beyond. 



This is a diverse community of entrepreneurs, elite business coaches, founders, owners, CEOs, and executive leaders, managers, and intrapreneurs from high-growth, mid-market, and large corporations, 

3. Become a member of Outthinker Networks

If you work in a large company, are VP-level or above, and have strategy, innovation, or transformation in your title you may be a fit for Outthinker Networks.  Outthinker Networks is a think tank network of senior executives who lead strategy and are passionate about shaping the future of our organizations and society.

4. Bring Outthinking to your company

If you’re interested in having me keynote your next event, run a workshop, or build your own internal network of Outthinkers and Intrapreneurs, contact me through the form below or send me a note on LinkedIn

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