Energize your audience with a new business mindset and tools to take action in their own work that has impact across your organization. 

Keynote Topics & Outcomes

Driving Innovation From Within

Turn Employees into Intrapreneurs to build a culture of innovation & problem-Solving

Outthink The Competition

A proven framework for designing breakthrough growth & transformation

Unleashing Agile


Be the Disruptor



Keynote Inputs and Outputs

Kaihan delivers rigorously researched practical tools in an entertaining and engaging experience that delivers ROI. 


Kaihan takes the time to understand your specific context and goals before customizing something just for you.

High Impact

Research and experience-backed content combined with his authentic high-energy delivery moves audiences to action.

Practical & Actionable Outcomes

Kaihan is known for his ability to simplify complex ideas into tips and tools people can apply to their work right away.

Boardroom, C-Suite, and Frontline Experience

Not just a trusted advisor to leading Fortune 500 executives, Kaihan has the battle scars from work with employees and customers on the frontline.

Lasting Impact and Learning Sustainment

Get valuable takeaways and develop skills that individuals and organizations can use today, tomorrow, and throughout their career or life.


Kaihan delivers rigorously researched practical tools in an entertaining and engaging experience that drives impact and ROI.

Easy to Work With

We know you have a full plate, limited time, and stressful job executing your conference or event. Kaihan and his team are professional, accommodating and have no outrageous demands.

Key Trends

As founder of Outthinker Networks think tank and a lifelong learner, Kaihan is constantly on identifying and analyzing the latest trends, challenges, threats and opportunities facing businesses.

Brings Diversity & Global Perspective

Kaihan will add diversity to your speaker lineup. With a mother from Bangladesh, father from Germany, and wife from Latin America – Kaihan has lived and worked on every continent (except Antarctica) and visited over 60 countries. He brings a truly global perspective to your event.

Entertaining and Fun

In addition to content and learning- people want to be entertained and have fun. Dazzling visuals, memorable stories, and humor are all part of making a Kaihan keynote.

Fill Seats

Kaihan wants your event to be successful and create value for as many people as possible. Kaihan is a globally recognized strategy and innovation leader and is happy to help market your event- be it additional interviews, writing an article, or creating marketing videos.

The Full Package

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Kaihan has been a keynote speaker wowing audiences for over 20 years. A master of stagecraft who puts in the time to craft a keynote just for your event – we know your boss and colleagues will thank you for bringing him in.


Working With Kaihan

Selecting the right speaker for your event can be one of the most challenging decisions you will make this year. Content, energy, speaker profile, and ability to connect to an audience are all important factors to consider. Kaihan Krippendorff has been customizing and delivering impactful keynotes in person for over two decades and delivering virtual keynotes for more than five years (using our in-house professional studio to record and/or broadcast amazing keynotes, leveraging the latest technology to engage and entertain audiences).

What makes Kaihan different from other strategy, growth and transformation speakers is that he is able to understand and articulate the most pressing and challenging questions that are top of mind for your audience and organization.

Exclusive access to strategy and innovation leaders via the Outthinker Network keeps him up to date on the latest trends and challenges facing organizations. His experience working in both the boardroom and on the front-lines let’s him make subtle changes to his delivery so that the message resonates with your particular audience.

Kaihan’s experience performing research, interviews, analysis and strategic consulting for McKinsey and Company is incorporated into his keynote design process. Research and interviews that take place before Kaihan takes the stage help him to identify the most relevant issues and challenges facing your organization. Every keynote Kaihan delivers is different – customized to over-deliver on impact, value, and drive meaningful change.


Top 10 Reasons to Book Kaihan

10. Global Perspective

With a Bangladeshi mother, German father, and a wife from Latin America, Kaihan embodies a truly global perspective. He speaks two languages at home and has lived and worked on early every continent. He doesn’t repeat the usual US stories but draws on cases from around the world.

9. Relatable

With 20+ years of experience working across nearly every industry, Kaihan has seen it all. Kaihan can quickly understand your industry and the challenges facing your business – this enables him to convey messages in terms that resonate with the audience.

8. Exclusive Insights

Kaihan is both an academic and a practitioner, incorporating his continual research into day-to-day business. He distills the complex into easy-to-understand ideas that will give your audience an advantage over the competition.

7. More Than A Speech

Kaihan is committed to providing value every step of the way, not just during the time he is on stage. Need help creating marketing content, building event hype, and filling seats? Looking for post-speech tools and worksheets that will jumpstart immediate action? No problem.

6. Dazzling Visuals

Void of boring lists and text-heavy screens, Kaihan’s presentation will take your event to the next level with high-resolution photography and gorgeous visuals.

5. Practical And Actionable

Your audience will leave with useful tools, frameworks, and actions to apply immediately and get results.

4. Inspirational Stories

Kaihan masterfully weaves together colorful stories pulled from headlines and boardrooms to entertain the audience and turn key points into unforgettable lessons that attendees will apply every day to their own work.

3. Easy To Work With

Working with Kaihan is easy. He is professional and accommodating, and makes no outrageous demands. Kaihan is motivated by your success and not his ego.

2. Customized Content

No two speeches Kaihan delivers are exactly the same. Kaihan takes time to learn about your organization, audience and goals. His keynotes are relevant and customized to your specific needs, and resonate with the audience.

1. High Impact

Kaihan goes beyond what is expected of a speaker, doing whatever it takes to ensure your event is a resounding success. Your audience will be engaged, inspired and armed with practical tools and big ideas.

Kaihan is a top business strategy, growth and transformation keynote speaker that has helped inspire, motivate, and arm hundreds of thousands of people with the tools and mindset needed to win the future.

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As a successful entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO, Kaihan Krippendorff has worked with and studied thousands of companies and the different approaches they take to drive growth, foster innovation, and set themselves apart from the competition. How is it that some companies are able to continually pivot their strategy, transform, and pursue new growth ideas? The answer is they have a repeatable process and common language that can be learned and taught. Based on his most recent book, Outthink the Competition, Kaihan delivers a systematic process and set of proven business strategy tools he has used with more than 300 clients in almost every industry to create innovative strategies and growth ideas that have generated more than $2.5B in revenue. Blending together first-hand stories of inspiring business and social innovators, from Elon Musk to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, Kaihan’s presentation teaches the audience a tested method for developing actionable growth ideas that unlock growth, increase competitiveness of their business and arm them with the tools needed to excel in today’s digital, agile, and purpose-driven world. In this inspiring keynote you will learn:


  • How to use The Outthinker Process® to generate powerful ideas that can drive bottom-line results across all levels of the business
  • How to find a “Fourth Option”: the option beyond the obvious choices, the option others will not see or respond to
  • The Outthinker playbook: five strategic narratives you want to master now
  • A simple approach to avoid killing off “crazy” ideas and instead turn them into winning moves
  • How to extract value of internal ideas to drive organic growth
  • How to build a culture of Outthinking that celebrates fresh strategic and innovative ideas and thinking
  • How to empower and inspire your employees so that they are ready to take action to develop, test and scale innovative growth ideas

*** Recommended versions of this speech include “Future of Financial Services” and “Disrupting Retail”

In a world marked by accelerated change and innovation, mental agility has proven to be a critical driver of success in sports, warfare, business, career, and life. Yet few agree on what exactly “mental agility” is or know how to develop it. Companies that fail to move on quickly enough from their linear organization will not succeed. In this presentation, successful entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO Kaihan Krippendorff shares insights from his work with top-level corporate entrepreneurs and the study of more than 200 successful innovators into what sets them apart from the rest of the competitive pack. Kaihan will share the key practices that distinguish those with high mental agility and arm the audience with tools and frameworks they can immediately apply to their own work. Audience members will learn to:


  • Connect the unconnected – pulling together seemingly unrelated pieces of information to rapidly form a mental image of the situation or opportunity.
  • Uncover unexpected causes – drilling down into the system to see the cause others overlook.
  • Shift your frame – shifting your frame on the problem to reveal solutions others dismiss.
  • Question the impossible – understanding why we fall into mental “traps” of false beliefs that prevent us from seeing what is possible and, more importantly, how to dig out of the trap that is keeping you from seizing the solution.

Attendees will leave with a boost of confidence, tools, and energy to increase the velocity and agility level of their organization on a daily basis.

We are experiencing a historic acceleration in the pace of change in our world. Artificial intelligence, digitization, robotics, 3D printing, social shifts, and the rise of purpose-driven enterprises are reconfiguring how every conceivable industry operates.

These changes divide us into two camps: the “Disruptors” and the “Disrupted”.

Successful entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO Kaihan Krippendorff has spent over a decade studying the patterns of disruption. What makes some companies thrive and what makes others fall behind? What gives some the power to shape the future and makes others struggle to keep up? Kaihan has applied his cutting-edge findings to create more than $2.5B in new value and help hundreds of businesses lean into change and thrive in tomorrow’s fast-paced, digital, purpose-driven world. In this talk, Kaihan breaks down the underlying patterns of disruption and with compelling stories of successes, failures, and yet-unknown innovations, teaches practical tools to help you take action and become a Disruptor. Learnings and outcomes include:


  • The emerging trends – from AI to digitization – that are driving us into an era of disruption and how these will likely shape the future
  • How to use The Outthinker Process® to generate powerful ideas that can drive bottom-line results across all levels of the business
  • The strategic patterns and best practices that the world’s most strategic and innovative companies use to thrive during the ongoing shift of global business structures and thinking
  • A systematic process you can use to overcome the “innovator’s dilemma” and create breakthrough growth ideas that will disrupt your market without disrupting your organization
  • How to empower and inspire employees so that they’re ready to take action to develop, test and scale innovative growth ideas