Media and Entertainment Keynote Speaker

Media and Entertainment is undergoing a revolution. The rate of change continues to accelerate and it will take bold action to survive. For a customized keynote that is energizing, impactful, and actionable – book Kaihan for your next media and entertainment event or conference.


Media and Entertainment Keynote Speaker

Constant change and disruption has become the “new normal” in media and entertainment. Never has there been a better time to hold an event to ensure your employees have the tools and skills needed to think strategically, drive innovation, and shift to the mindset of this new era. 


Kaihan Krippendorff has worked in many capacities with some of the biggest names in the industry and has first-hand experience of the shifts and trends hitting the media and entertainment. Customization based on consumer needs, the rise of entertainment powerhouses, new technology like 5G and Iot, the rise of eSports video gaming, social video and audio media platforms, as well as regulatory and social debates of media consumption are all top of mind. When change happens there is opportunity to re-imagine business models, re-think how you engage employees or customers, re-evaluate what impact your organization has on the world, and ultimately develop creative solutions to complex problems. 


Throughout his career as a consultant, keynote speaker, and founder of the Outthinker Strategy Network (an exclusive network of Chief Strategy Officers and Executives from Fortune 500 and private companies with $1B+ revenue), Kaihan Krippendorff has worked with some of the biggest brands in media and entertainment including: Verizon Media, Viacom, ESPN, QVC, Fortune, Sony Entertainment, TEDx, USA Brand, and Yahoo.

He is a regular contributor to Fast Company- where his articles on strategy and innovation in the workplace garner some of the most clicks and engaged audiences.

Selecting the right keynote speaker for your media or entertainment industry events is one of the most important decisions you will make this year. Content, energy, ability to connect to an audience, and actionability are all important factors to consider. Former McKinsey Consultant, NYU Professor, bestselling author, and globally recognized authority on strategy, growth, and transformation, Kaihan Krippendorff will make your event an undeniable success with a customized media and entertainment keynote that leverages his unique perspective and deep experience in the industry.

The time to act is now. Don’t just be a Thinker. Be an Outthinker.

An active leader in media and entertainment, Kaihan brings deep industry experience, proprietary research, and exclusive insights to every keynote he delivers.


Media and Entertainment Insights and Perspective


  • In 2020, the entire global theatrical and home/mobile entertainment market totaled $80.8B, the lowest figure since 2016 and a decline of 18 percent from 2019.
  • Global lockdowns accelerated pre-existing digital entertainment trends. In 2020, revenue increased 31 percent to $61.8B. Digital media accounted for over three-quarters of total theatrical, home/mobile entertainment revenue.
  • As of this writing, there are 1.1 billion online video subscribers worldwide. Revenue from online video subscriptions totals $24.7B (Source).


Trends in Media and Entertainment

Customization Based on Customer Needs

Entertainment Powerhouses

Reimagining Entertainment

Continued Rise of Video Gaming, Social Video, and Audio

Kaihan's 8Ps Framework

Opportunities for disruption and innovation in the industry


Opportunity for Disruption : 7

  • How are you using data to get to know your customers’ likes and dislikes in content and delivery?
  • What is your approach for testing new customer behaviors and segments?
  • How can you balance the value you provide with the data you collect?

Opportunity for Disruption : 8

  • How have you invested in original content?
  • What opportunities do you have to partner with or develop ecosystems with other entertainment companies?

Opportunity for Disruption : 10

  • Is there an opportunity to promote lower-cost, self-service online sales and service channels to customers?
  • What different pricing options do you offer your customers?

Opportunity for Disruption : 7

  • What is your audience’s tolerance for advertising?
  • What media (digital or traditional) platforms are they using?

Opportunity for Disruption : 9

  • How can you use multichannel, social, and other platforms to create unique live experiences?
  • Which forms of connectivity are customers using? What are their network constraints?
  • Does your strategy address the impacts of gaming, music streaming, and social media?

Opportunity for Disruption : 8

  • What opportunities do you have to offer experiences that unite physical and virtual?
  • How can you create seamless experiences as customers move between video, gaming, podcasts, music, and social?

Opportunity for Disruption : 6

  • How have you simplified business operations?
  • To what extent have you automated repeatable, low-value processes?

Opportunity for Disruption : 6

  • How have you redesigned your workplace model to cater to flexible working practices, balancing on-site and remote work?
  • Transitioned in 2020 to release its movies on a streaming distribution platform. Universal movies will be released 17 days after they appear in theatres.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, NBCUniversal quickly pivoted to move major releases onto premium video-on-demand platforms and developed new ways to compensate actors.
  • The company also launched Peacock, an ad-supported streaming service that had 26 million sign-ups just five months after its launch (Fast Company).
  • In 2021, NBCUniversal’s project Innovation is expected to award nearly $3.5M to non-profit organizations that are tackling everyday problems through innovative solutions (Source).
  • This new marketing and entertainment company, launched by basketball star, LeBron James, and businessman, Maverick Carter, aims to link entertainment to social justice through Hollywood content.
  • The content gives a voice to a diverse audience of creators and consumers that have been underserved by traditional entertainment options.
  • The company raised $100M in 2020 and has deals to develop and distribute content with Amazon, Disney, Universal, CNN, Sirius, and others. SpringHill has also advised incumbent entertainment companies on how to address diversity and inclusion (Source).
  • Substack is a newsletter and podcasting platform that applies the strategic concept Coordinate the Uncoordinated to allow journalists to develop their own business and empowers them to maintain creative control.
  • Writers and creatives build their own audiences, and readers pay directly to receive content (Source).
  • Substack has 250,000 paid subscribers and its top 10 publishers collectively bring in $7M in annual revenue (Source).
  • The company also offers grants to help writers build their audience, and mentorship programs between writers and subscribers.
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