Information Technology Keynote Speaker

How we leverage, protect, enhance, and use data is more important than any other time in history. Information Technology is a competitive advantage and will continue to be a critical piece of any world-class organization. For a customized keynote that is energizing, impactful, and actionable – book Kaihan for your next IT event or conference.


Information Technology (IT) Keynote Speaker

Information technology is advancing rapidly and undergoing dramatic change and disruption. Movement to the cloud, decentralization of information, cybersecurity, and risk of cyber hacking are all top of mind. When change happens there is opportunity to explore new business models, re-think how you engage employees, evaluate what impact your organization has on the world, and develop creative solutions to complex problems. There has never been a more important time than now to encourage strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation that will grow your organization for the future.


Throughout his career as a consultant, keynote speaker, and founder of the Outthinker Strategy Network (an exclusive network of Chief Strategy Officers and Executives from Fortune 500 and private companies with $1B+ revenue), Kaihan Krippendorff has worked with some of the biggest brands in IT including: Microsoft, Avnet, Biotronik, Compucom, Deacom, Coveo, Garmin, Google, Ingram Micro, Maxis, Mouser Electronics, IBM, Celestica, and ShipCompliant.

Selecting the right keynote speaker for your information technology event is one of the most important decisions you will make this year. Content, energy, ability to connect to an audience, and actionability are all important factors to consider. Former McKinsey Consultant, NYU Professor, bestselling author, and globally recognized authority on strategy, growth, and transformation, Kaihan Krippendorff will make your event an undeniable success with a customized IT keynote that leverages his unique perspective of technology, software, IoT, big data, and networks.

The time to act is now. Don’t just be a Thinker. Be an Outthinker.

An active leader in information technology, Kaihan brings deep industry experience, proprietary research, and exclusive insights to every keynote he delivers.


Information Technology (IT) Insights and Perspective


  • Public cloud service revenues are expected to reach $354.6B worldwide by 2022 (Deloitte).
  • Revenues of AI are estimated to reach $100B by 2025 (Deloitte).
  • Seventy percent of executives believe that concerns with security are a primary inhibitor toward normalization of cloud services in the public (Deloitte).
  • The global digital economy is expected to grow to $23T (24.3 percent of the global GDP) by 2025 (Huawei).


Trends in Information Technology (IT)

Moving to the Cloud

Decentralizing Information

Improving Cybersecurity


Kaihan's 8Ps Framework

Opportunities for disruption and innovation in the industry


Opportunity for Disruption : 3

  • Who is your target customer, and what need do they have that you seek to meet?
  • How does your organization mission coincide with the need of your customer base?

Opportunity for Disruption : 6

  • How can you expand your IT services to incorporate growth in cloud applications?
  • Are there ways for you to reposition your products or services to prioritize XaaS?
  • What elements of security are included in your offering?

Opportunity for Disruption : 6

  • Have you considered a subscription-based pricing model for your services?
  • How does your pricing structure differentiate you from competitors in your space?

Opportunity for Disruption : 5

  • How can you connect your services to new customers? How can you create personal connections with current customers?
  • How does your current advertising model appeal to consumers in IT?

Opportunity for Disruption : 4

  • Where can customers access or purchase your technology?
  • What other distribution channels can you utilize to bring value to your customers?

Opportunity for Disruption : 8

  • Do your services communicate safety and security to your customers?
  • Who controls the data you collect, and how can you exercise data transparency with your customers?

Opportunity for Disruption : 9

  • How can you optimize your services to provide cloud and XaaS support to customers?
  • Are you seeking opportunities to expand into data decentralization?
  • How can you take advantage of dramatic growth in edge computing and blockchain technology?

Opportunity for Disruption : 4

  • How can you optimize your personnel structure to accommodate remote IT collaboration?
  • Cloudflare is an internet security software provider with the mission “to build a better internet” (Fast Company).
  • Cloudflare developed a tool for mobile app developers, the Mobile SDK, which helps them in monitoring and improving network performance.
  • Cloudflare released their first service to consumers, the DNS system, which provides users with safer, more secure web browsing.
  • During the US election year of 2020 (Fast Company), they offered complimentary enterprise-grade security to United States state and local election websites.
  • In March 2021, Honeywell’s System Model H1 became the highest performing quantum computing system in the world. The company has set several previous quantum volume records (Source).
  • The one-hundred-year-old company uses a “trapped ion” process that is slower but more accurate.
  • Honeywell has grown its share of voice within the quantum computing industry from 1 percent to 25 percent (Source).
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