Top Business Transformation Keynote Speaker

Kaihan has delivered hundreds of meticulously hand-crafted keynotes to audiences across industries facing disruption. He will not only fire up your team,but arm them with the tools and know-how they need to get results that impact the bottom-line.


Top Business Transformation Keynote Speaker

We are entering a new world, one in which the old ways of organizing are reaching their breaking point in today’s fast-paced, agile, purpose-driven world. Today’s most innovative, outperforming firms are undergoing a transformation from centralized bureaucracies into vibrant, openly structured networks in which employees can develop, share, and test new ideas and concepts that increase efficiency, drive growth, advance your company into the future, and produce bottom-line results. Companies that get ahead of this will win. Others will be left behind.

This is both a terrifying and exciting time for companies to exist. Choosing the right keynote speaker for your upcoming event is a critical first-step decision to arming your audience with both the tools and mindset needed to blaze a path to success. Successful entrepreneur, author, consultant, speaker, and CEO Kaihan Krippendorff will help your company adapt your culture, talent, and leadership and how you organize so you can begin activating the creative power of people and jumpstart the transformation of your organization into one that can continue to succeed in the turbulent future.

Leveraging exclusive insights from the Outthinker Network, cutting-edge ideas from peer thought-leaders, experience and “know-how” working as top-level consultant at every organizational level (from the boardroom to the front-lines), speaker Kaihan Krippendorff will bring a pragmatic and fresh approach to business transformation to your audience.


Top 10 Reasons to Book Kaihan

10. Global Perspective

With a Bangladeshi mother, German father, and a wife from Latin America, Kaihan embodies a truly global perspective. He speaks two languages at home and has lived and worked on early every continent. He doesn’t repeat the usual US stories but draws on cases from around the world.

9. Relatable

With 20+ years of experience working across nearly every industry, Kaihan has seen it all. Kaihan can quickly understand your industry and the challenges facing your business – this enables him to convey messages in terms that resonate with the audience.

8. Exclusive Insights

Kaihan is both an academic and a practitioner, incorporating his continual research into day-to-day business. He distills the complex into easy-to-understand ideas that will give your audience an advantage over the competition.

7. More Than A Speech

Kaihan is committed to providing value every step of the way, not just during the time he is on stage. Need help creating marketing content, building event hype, and filling seats? Looking for post-speech tools and worksheets that will jumpstart immediate action? No problem.

6. Dazzling Visuals

Void of boring lists and text-heavy screens, Kaihan’s presentation will take your event to the next level with high-resolution photography and gorgeous visuals.

5. Practical And Actionable

Your audience will leave with useful tools, frameworks, and actions to apply immediately and get results.

4. Inspirational Stories

Kaihan masterfully weaves together colorful stories pulled from headlines and boardrooms to entertain the audience and turn key points into unforgettable lessons that attendees will apply every day to their own work.

3. Easy To Work With

Working with Kaihan is easy. He is professional and accommodating, and makes no outrageous demands. Kaihan is motivated by your success and not his ego.

2. Customized Content

No two speeches Kaihan delivers are exactly the same. Kaihan takes time to learn about your organization, audience and goals. His keynotes are relevant and customized to your specific needs, and resonate with the audience.

1. High Impact

Kaihan goes beyond what is expected of a speaker, doing whatever it takes to ensure your event is a resounding success. Your audience will be engaged, inspired and armed with practical tools and big ideas.

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