Available August 1, 2019


Conventional wisdom tells us that entrepreneurs are society’s main source of innovation. Young founders leave college with a big idea, get to work in a garage, and build something that changes the world. Typical corporate employees, strangled by slow-moving bureaucracy, are blocked from making transformative discoveries.

In Driving Innovation from Within, strategist and advisor Kaihan Krippendorff disproves one of today’s biggest business myths to highlight the lessons for innovators and leaders. He reveals how most of the modern world’s most impactful creations were invented by passionate employee-innovators. If it were left up to go-it-alone entrepreneurs, we would not have mobile phones, personal computers, or email. Distilling over 150 interviews with internal innovators and leading experts along with insights from the latest research and today’s most successful companies, from Tencent and Amazon to Mastercard and Starbucks, Krippendorff lays out a step-by-step playbook to unlock innovation from the inside. He maps the barriers that frustrate efforts to disrupt from within and provides tools to remove them, detailing how visionary leaders can create islands of freedom inside an organization to activate existing employees’ potential and beat startups at their own game. Driving Innovation from Within offers a practical and inspiring guide to leadership from all levels for those who want the fulfillment of impacting the world without leaving their job in order to do it.

The IN-OVATE Framework

Intent – Can you activate your employees to have the intent to innovate?

Need – Do you understand what the market needs, what the organization needs, and your organization’s strategy?

Options – Are you able to create lots of interesting options, ie, do you have the creative capacity to generate ideas for innovation?

Value blockers –Are you able to overcome value blockers if the new idea conflicts with your current business model?

Act – Can you take action and experiment or prototype your ideas?

Team – Can you assemble a cross-functional team that has the right attributes needed to ramp up the innovation up quickly?

Environment – Can you manage environmental factors (leadership, culture, structure, and talent)?

Kaihan Krippendorff's Driving Innovation from Within, is based on hundreds of interviews with successful corporate innovators at Fortune 500 companies and lesser known industry giants, insights from top strategists in the Outthinker Network, and his experience with practical consulting, which has generated $2.5B in new revenue for his clients. Let Kaihan arm you and your employees with the right strategies, tools, and know-how to spark entrepreneurial behavior, drive a culture of innovation, and make your company move faster than ever before while using less resources.

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