Kaihan’s groundbreaking work on strategy development changes the game for organizations facing an increasingly competitive environment.

SHANNON WALLIS Global Director, Leadership Programs, Microsoft

Kaihan is very good at understanding the underlying patterns of strategy, then he trains the group to start recognizing these patterns, with time the strategic level of the group starts rising, generating breakthrough ideas that unleash untapped value.


Antony Lee

CEO, AIG Malaysia

Powerful messages and energizing examples that resonate. Incredible process. Can’t wait until next time.

John Tripoli

President, Managing Directors Association of Northwestern Mutual

Kaihan was on-point and relevant. His message is current for any organization wanting to grow. He did a great job of creating a working environment during his talk in which he outlined specific steps and a process to think differently. I had immediate take-aways.

Dan Leib

CEO, Donnelley Financial Solutions

Kaihan really understood the key messages we were trying to get across to our Senior Leadership team. He incorporated those key messages around strategy and innovation into his speech, which was energizing, practical and impactful.

Daniel Amos


Kaihan Krippendorff underscores the strategic power of being able to see, intelligently select, and pursue new options that your competition overlooks. This ability is the starting spark of all great growth stories and it is a critical skill for leaders to master if they want continue out-innovating the competition.

Heather Davis

President and Chief Investment Officer, Nuveen Private Investments

Kaihan is a uniquely engaging speaker; he energizes and inspires. He uses cutting-edge business examples to make complex subjects simple, and offers the right balance of entertainment and deep insight.

John R. DiJulius

Keynote Speaker, Author, and President of The DiJulius Group

Kaihan had over 700 business leaders captivated with his relevant content on how to build a business that disrupts your industry and distances yourself from your competition. He delivered!


Five-time Tech Entrepreneur and Hyper-Growth CEO, NY Times Bestselling Author, Top-Choice Keynote Speaker on Innovation, Creativity, Reinvention, and Hyper-Growth Leadership

Kaihan Krippendorff breaks down the complex into relevant, practical, and actionable insights that engage, entertain, and inspire your audience.

Mariano G. Dall’Orso

Vice President, Western Union

Kaihan’s groundbreaking work has captured the essence of corporate strategy in an insightful, memorable and pragmatic manner.

Michael Gousev, PhD

Director, Morgan Stanley

Kaihan stands far apart from other strategy gurus by drawing from the millennia-old fund of human ingenuity to offer a truly innovative approach.

2017 Securities Industry Institute® Attendees

Content was great. This is something I can use with my team.

Very informative session. Great investment of time. Applicable to my work.
Easy to understand and implementable. The speaker’s real-world experience adds extra credibility.


CAE Executive Director, Society for Human Resource Management

Kaihan has the unique ability to frame questions in such a way that energizes a diverse group of leaders in strategic business planning. Through his guidance we were able to look at strategic issues for our board in unique ways that will have immediate application. He was quick to understand our issues and our mission and was an immense help in developing our strategy.


Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oreal USA (now Managing Director, Google)

Kaihan provides practical methods to systematically analyze and intelligently manage the competition. This does not mean copying or even responding to the competition. It means precisely the opposite.


CEO Gazelles inc., Founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Author “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits”

We’ve exposed thousands of executives of growth firms around the world to Kaihan Krippendorff’s concrete and practical stratagems for dealing with competitive threats and he’s been universally well received by our tough and discerning audiences.


US CEO, Publicis Worldwide, Retired: Author of The New Experts and The inside Advantage

Instant information, immediate price comparison, and an expanding breadth of customer choice are thrusting business leaders into a new era of competition. Kaihan’s fresh message opens minds and motivates strategic change in an era that demands change.


Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Kaihan shows that with a bold idea, anyone can change the world.


Director of Global Customer Leadership, GE

We invited Kaihan to address a global body of our top talent. He delivers cutting edge business concepts with his own unique tools in a way that inspires leaders to think differently. His professional approach, innovative concepts and deep knowledge of strategy holds up against the most sophisticated and experienced audiences.


SVP, VITAS Healthcare Corporation

Kaihan, has an innate ability to captivate his audience. He brings a fresh, unique and passionate perspective on strategy and leadership, his style is brilliant and engaging and he is clearly a rising star.


Brand USA

Kaihan’s speech for the Professional Convention Management Association left us inspired and wanting to change the world.



We have had outstanding feedback from Kaihan's sessions [at IMEX Frankfurt] and it was an honour to have him take part.

A.C. Ganger

Learning Chair 2017-‘18, EO Detroit

Kaihan’s presentation was excellent, and highly rated by our membership. Not only did he educate and inspire us, but he left us with an actual framework to follow and engage our teams.

Geraldine O’Brien

Vice President of Communications, Newport Group

Kaihan is a great communicator, who held the rapt attention of an audience of more than 200 financial services professionals from across the country. He opened our minds, made us think, and gave us actionable ideas that one could apply to their day-to-day lives.

Kaihan Krippendorff


Outtinkers - Shekhar Mitra

Outthinkers - Steve Power of Big Commerce

Kaihan Krippendorff speaks at AMCHAM Latin America


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