The Way Of Innovation


Inside The Way of Innovation, corporate strategist Kaihan Krippendorff explains how you can adapt and thrive by recognizing, understanding, and utilizing the ancient Asian approach to innovation. He illustrates how companies like Microsoft and Nokia use this powerful wisdom, and how you too can pass through the five stages of innovation:

  • Metal (Admit you are stuck)
  • Water (Conceive new winning options)
  • Wood (Assemble your resources)
  • Fire (Break out your innovation)
  • Earth (Make it sustainable)

With this book, you have the ancient strategies you need to lead the way to a more productive – and profitable – future.

Published: July 1, 2008 Platinum Press


Reviews for Art of the Advantage by Kaihan Krippendorff

“For the first time, someone has captured the essence of innovation and given us a truly fresh language to guide and enhance [the] process.”

– Verne Harnish, founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), CEO of Gazelles Inc., and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

“Kaihan’s ability to reflect on history and keenly link to the current business environment displays his rich respect and creativity for businesses. This is a great read for those who love the game of strategy.”

– Melinda Large, Regional Director, People, Wal-Mart

“[This book] . . . offers an extremely novel, fresh, and piercing perspective into how people in organizations can personally innovate.”

– Philip Berry, VP Global Workplace Initiatives, Colgate-Palmolive