It feels I’m the only one left alive, cruising across the Ukraine in a Soviet-era train. My compartment is empty. The hallway is empty. Outside, dark forests are separated by a periodic streetlight shining dimly on empty streets.

When I first learned I had landed at the wrong airport for my two-day Outthinker workshop yesterday, and that I would need to take a seven-hour train ride to reach my correct destination at 4am, I grew agitated. But then I thought about a speech I gave last week at Cisco on “mental agility.”

In that talk, I lay down story after story of entrepreneurs and innovators who pivoted unexpected barriers into opportunities. I dissect the four stages of such pivots and the anatomy of luck (studies show lucky people engineer their luck by looking for, indeed expecting, possibilities around corners).

So as we speed along, I am excited, rather than frustrated, about the opportunity this unplanned ride will bring me. If nothing else, looking for the gift in the unexpected makes the journey an adventure.

Try it. It will completely transform your experience of life.